Radio Rhi

Radio Rhi, originally uploaded by samwebster.

Blah, blah, blah.

The boys sign the cast

The boys sign the cast, originally uploaded by samwebster.

The boys all wanted to sign Jack’s cast. I think it was mostly Liverpool FC graffiti.

Easter Wilbur

Easter Wilbur, originally uploaded by samwebster.

Poor Wilbur. He was dressed up as bloody Batman at Christmas.


Smack!, originally uploaded by samwebster.

Birksy gets smacked down by my mum.

Easter break

Jack fell off a window sill in his bedroom at Mum and Dad’s yesterday (what the hell was he doing on the window sill?), and complained of a sore left wrist. He was very tired anyway, and his wrist was bothering him and he was protecting it, but it wasn’t excruciating. He slept very well last night.
This morning he was still unable to supinate his left forearm (painful to try), had a weak grip, and felt pain trying to dorsiflex his wrist. He was still very protective of his wrist, and wouldn’t let his left arm drop to his side. Oh dear. Time for a trip to casualty at Cheltenham General Hospital.
2008-03-25--Colles 1
Sore wrist.
2008-03-25--Colles 2
A+E waiting room. Lots, and lots of waiting.
2008-03-25--Colles 3
2008-03-25--Colles Xray-1
The medic gave me a printout. It was a very nice X-ray on PACS, but you can’t see much detail here. There’s a good break at the distal radius. Do you see it? Follow the edges of the bone on the right and look for the bumps.
2008-03-25--Colles 4
Plastered! By this point Jack was quite chuffed. He could go home after lots of hanging around, the scary stuff had turned out to not be scary at all, and he had a cast and a sling to show to Uncle Nick (who is also recovering, from a broken clavicle)!

Day of the Dead?

We went to a shopping centre while the rugby was on yesterday buy some things we’ve been putting off (I hate shopping centres on a weekend). I felt like a survivor in a zombie movie – it was eerily quiet. The only other survivors of the zombie plaque were people behind tills.
2008-03-15--Dawn Of The Dead 01
Saturday afternoon!
2008-03-15--Dawn Of The Dead 02
Where is everyone?
2008-03-15--Dawn Of The Dead 03
I can hear zombies!
It was the opposite of Christmas Eve, when I couldn’t even get out of my parking space for 25 minutes, let alone get out of the car park.