Back in the lab

Look at me! I’m back in the lab! I need some images to complete a paper I’m about to submit, so I finally get to go into the lab, cut some sections on the cryostat and do a little immunohistochemistry. It feels good, and brings back some good feelings. Oh, the monotony of the post-doc’s life. It feels like I’m back in the Cardiff labs and that one of the girls from the group is going to come and remind me that it’s time for a coffee break. “Nostalgic cryosectioning”? Google that!
Compare the photo to this entry from 3 and a half years ago.

Multi Touch Sensing Displays

Take a look at this technology. This is Minority Report style gesture-based touch screen control of your computer. Imagine how great this would be with the full 3D data (rather than the pre-rendered images) of the interactive anatomical models of With one or two large, very high definition displays a student or teacher could work their way towards a region of interest, adding or removing layers of tissue, rotating to show shape and relationships. Instead of jumping around and disorienting your audience you could clearly work your way around the body.
Are these the next generation of smartboards?

More information here.

Blue Men

Jack is watching the Blue Man Group and drumming along with cardboard tubes from wrapping paper and two orange spoons. He’s following the rhythm too. I’m just glad he doesn’t want to paint his whole head blue.


We did have some snow on Friday. Friday’s are probably the worst days to have snow if you’re at work and you drive because although it’s a great reason to start the weekend early, everyone else has the same idea. The roads get clogged (we don’t have a huge army of snowplows for once a year snowfall) and you spend the rest of Friday in your car. This was no problem for me as I’d already elected to work from home (smug smug smug).
We were feeling a little left out as the rest of the country had been snowy for a couple of days and we had nothing to moan about. Jack half built a snowman (he’d hurt himself at school and wasn’t happy) but the snow was almost all gone by the next morning. Flash in the pan. Storm in a teacup. Something like that.