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Keep an eye on Flickr, as I’m still uploading photos of Annabel. You can see from her face that she’s putting on weight.

Logitech Harmony 555

Harmony Home Svw 008
A new, simplified all-in-one remote for babysitters. They were struggling to switch the TV on before I bought this. My mum can use it, so it must be good. And it took about 35 hours less than the previous programmable remote to configure too.

2 weeks old

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Annabel continues to thrive, gaining another 85g in the latter half of last week. Yesterday she had her monitoring wires removed, and she had a go at breastfeeding directly from her mum.

Annabel, day 12

Annabeld12 Scbu Svw 083
Annabeld12 Scbu Svw 077
Annabel is still progressing, and is now on larger 4-hourly feeds. Naturally when I went in to see her today she had been sick, wee’d and pooed, and then snotted on me. It’s nice to see that everything works.


Bowling Parctawe Svw 010
I forgot to blog this, but we went bowling with friends and the kids on Monday. The UV lighting was fun.

Rain, rain go away

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Rainy school mornings in Wales.

No incubator

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Annabel is out of her incubator, and into a cot. The temperature in the incubator was lowered bit by bit, and Annabel was staying warm so she’s in a cot, wearing a baby-grow and covered by blankets.

Another step closer to coming home.


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Kim and Annabel spent most of the morning together. She was weighed today, and has gained 90g on her Sunday weight. She was very contented and sleepy this morning, as usual.

Annabel’s second week

Annabel is into her second week now, and has moved out of the intensive neonatal care room, into the high dependancy unit, and now into the special care baby unit. She is being fed mum’s milk every 3 hours and we’re trying to disturb her as little as possible to let her sleep, conserve energy and grow. She’s a very contented little baby. If her care and development continues this well all the way to Christmas I’ll be very happy. She’ll be getting a little toy in her incubator soon, and some time later she’ll be in a cot and dressed in the huge array of pink premature baby clothes that people have been buying her.
She was under the lamp again today, as she was still a bit jaundiced. The photo-therapy helps break down the bilirubin while her liver is still not fully functioning yet.
2007-12-04--Annabels Sunbed