The Pentagon Press

This is interesting: “The US defence department has set up a new unit to better promote its message across 24-hour rolling news outlets, and particularly on the internet.
“The Pentagon said the move would boost its ability to counter “inaccurate” news stories and exploit new media.”
So the US military is losing the propaganda war and aims to emulate its enemies to write history for itself, victor or not? This suggestion of the strong-arming of the press comes rather soon after the BBC admits its bias (although maybe for altogether more daft over-politically-correct employment opportunity reasons).
I’m guessing that if you’re already sceptical about your news sources this won’t affect you much, but what about those that take what’s written in print as gospel?


Hmmm, it’s Halloween (almost) and they’re taking lots of blood at the university this week. Coincidence?
So should I go swimming today or give blood?

Hallow’s End

For some reason I really like the Halloween season. There’s not that much to get me in the mood yet, except for World of Warcraft, which becomes strongly themed around this time of year with carved pumpkins decorating buildings, trick or treating innkeepers, masks and apple bobbing. Online festivities.
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Bones photos

I’ve been taking photos of bones this morning for elearning materials, exams and so on. Greg popped in and this strange photo occurred by happenstance. (He was looking at the skull).
Bones Anatomylab Svw 046-1