Painted Walls

2006-07-20--Blue Room
It finally seems as though the paint problem has been solved by sealing the surfaces and repainting. This time around we’re finally getting some colour on the walls. Jack has a blue wall and a red wall!


The Tour de France is really starting to get going at last, even if it is in the last week. Flandis (the yellow jersey) went bang in the hills, losing lots of time. That put him out of contention so the race is wide open again – who can win it? It’s the last day in the alps today, so today plus the 57km time trial on Saturday should decide it. Fantastic.

Shady Cycle

We’re having a really hot week. It has been above 30C every day so far, which is very warm for South Wales. I’m very glad of the sea breeze and of this very shady and cool cycle route to work and back.

Sky+ Mobile

I set up my Sky+ mobile recording options over the weekend, and downloaded the Java app to my phone. Wow! This is superb! Something useful for my expensive 3G data tariff at last (now that I’ve stopped commuting). This app is pin sharp, quick, and very useful. I don’t actually know if it works yet, so I’ve sent a record request to my Sky+ box at home to test it.
Remote recording via the internet is next, and that should be even better. It’s difficult to set up your week’s TV recording on the Sky+ box if other people are using it. Programming it from the web will make searching for programmes easier too.

Random Recent Photos

2006-07-06--Fresh Tarmac
You’ve got to love fresh tarmac.
Year round sandcastle building.
2006-07-15--Back On The Bike
Back on the bike. I don’t remember the last time I was in lycra.
2006-07-15--Jack In The Hat
Summer hats.

Spotter 3

Today is the final anatomy exam of the year, and the last piece of the human structure module for most of our medicine students. Many of them were looking far more nervous than I’ve seen before. We’re examining the anatomy of the head and neck, which can get very detailed and intricate but is a shorter term (and in theory less information) than the other two. On the one hand they may be worried about the minutiae, but on the other they should now know the style and level of difficulty of this type of exam.
Time will tell. I should get them marked within the next couple of days, but then they need to be second marked and all the marks discussed and compiled.

Eye, eye

My eyesight seems to have been getting worse recently. I’ve caught myself a few times closing one eye when reading dark text on a white background on a computer. Over the last few days the (very big) text on the Sky+ menus has confused my eyes, and again I’ve had to close an eye and look away. Reading a small manual for a new heart rate monitor today has the same effect.
From a photographer’s point of view, I’d say that each eye had a different “white balance”. My left eye has a cooler, more blue view, than my right eye that has a warmer, more red image. Of course my brain actually performs the “white balance” perception alterations so I only see this difference if I close one eye and then the other. An optician friend of mine did explain this to me once; the light to my weaker eye is shifted towards the red end of the light spectrum, but I can’t remember why. I think I’ll make an official visit to see her next week.
This is interesting timing: we’ve just finished the term that teaches the anatomy of the eye.


For some reason today I am experiencing absolute crushing boredom. I have no idea why. I’m holding an exam next week, and I’ve been very busy with the term so far, so maybe it’s just the lull before the storm.
I can’t even go out and run or ride it off because I did that yesterday and I need to recover. Aargh!