Sticklebrix Home Svw 18
Jack’s into the Doodlebops at the mo (to the point of obsession) so he built their set out of bricks. He was very proud. Don’t worry, he’s still a massive Gorillaz fan.
My Nikon is getting shiny spots where my thumb sits. It’s up to almost 8000 photos so far and must be one of the best things I’ve ever bought.

Staff v Student Football

Unfortunately I missed the School of Medicine staff vs student football tournament this week. It was billed as the start of a range of tournaments between staff and student groups, so I hope to attend the future games. I wasn’t actually planning to play, but I was looking forward to taking lots of action photos. It looks as though there was an excellent turn out, so I’m guessing this will continue strongly particularly as there is a champions’ cup for the students to gibe us about.
Oh well, maybe next time. I’m not used to shooting football matches (more usually cyclists, swimmers & runners) so it should be a challenge.

End of term

The 1st year medicine students are approaching the end of term, and the end of their first year. It’s a long, tough year, but they have one more teaching week next week, a reading week, and then a week of exams. They have some more work to do after that, but we won’t be directly teaching them in lectures. Resit exams will be held in August, and then the new batch start at the beginning of September, so in fact there’s little respite for us teachers. We’re already preparing for next year.
As a side note, Jo Bishop tells me that her planned return date is 22nd January. The first term of anatomy and all of the exams will be mine to prepare then. I hope I can survive that long!


2006-06-21-Tree Down
I thought it was windy last night – this tree came down on the Clyne Valley cycle path. My poor new tree in my garden was getting blown all over the place.

Cardiff Tri Chair

Dave “Gumby” Gunthorpe has stepped down as Cardiff Triathletes’ Chairman. I think it’s a fairly time-consuming and tough chair to sit in, and Jeff made it look easy for years and years. Thanks for all your hard work and effort, Gumby. Does this mean the pressure’s off me to sort out the website?


Guess who’s under the Vader lid.
Jack visited his new school for the first time yesterday. I went with him, and it was a struggle to get him to leave. He’ll be starting (mornings only) in September, and he has made a bunch of new friends already. I think it will suit him perfectly – he needs as much new information as he can get.