Join Us

Now that the students have enrolled at Swansea University the weather has changed back to the usual 45 degree rain & 50mph winds. Haha! There’s no leaving us now you’ve signed!


Yeah, so it’s a slow blogging week. I’ve actually got quite a lot going on, but not much I want to talk about yet. I’m busy at work, and busy at home.
Have a picture to keep you going:

Taking Shots

Yeah, so I got a new phone with a camera in it. I’m all 3G and that now, so I got the world in my pocket. So the camera’s not quite my D70, but hey, it’s always in my pocket so you’ll see more of these.

Oxwich Lunch

We’ve been mucking about, looking at areas of Swansea to move to, & new houses. We thought we’d better take Jack to the beach as he’s obsessed with it.