Jack & I spent the afternoon on the beach at Southerndown. Sandcastles, sea,
rock pools and room to run. Fun, fun, fun, but I fear we’re a bit sunburnt!

Midweek Rain

I’m supposed to be boat fishing tomorrow in the Channel, but as you can see
from this photo its a bit wet. It looks as though it’s going to be
cancelled, but I won’t find out until this evening. Arse. We’ll have to
plan a summer trip.

Revenge of the Sith

(Oh I bloody hope so).
OK, so the next Star Wars film is out in the middle of next month – not long now. I’m not expecting much from it, but none-the-less I will prepare myself in the proper way. I’ll fall to my weaker side and actually order the Attack of the Clones DVD (I bet prices have gone up recently), and I’ve dusted off and hooked up the VCR for my original Star Wars videos (I’m still not pushed to buying the poxy DVDs, unless I find the time to edit out the objectional bits and make my own DVDs). I will not need to dust off the videos – they’re not allowed to get dusty. I’ll plan a weekend of watching all the films, with the gap for film 3 in the middle. Anyone want to join me? I wonder what an old VHS Empire Strikes Back will look like on a 42″ screen…
Anyone got an old laser disc player and the Star Wars laser discs that they’d like to lend me?


Believe it or not, that black square is actually a bouldering wall on the beach.