Ugh. I’m 5 days without eating properly now, and though I must feel better than day 1, I still feel rough. My small intestine remains inflammed. (Sorry to put it like that).
Oh well. I’m at least 2 days behind already, so I’d better get my arse back to work tomorrow. I won’t cycle. I’ll take the train from Danescourt and the bus at the other end. I’m not teaching tomorrow, thank crap. I’ll just try not to spread this virus around. Maybe a mask, gloves and a white coat will help.
I’m going to the park with Jack now. Fresh air should help, right?


I’m ill. I’m off work with what people probably call gastric flu. I’ve picked up a bug or a virus that’s given me a belly ache (the Greek word for belly is gaster, so that fits) plus the usual side orders. I’m not too bad with these things normally; I have a “strong stomach”. Instead I feel rough, like I’m hungover but weaker, & tired. I hope this passes. I’m too busy to be sick.
Ironically, you can be sure I caught this off a medical student 😉


I had a lie in this morning. Until 7am. Whoop-bloody-pee. I’ve had to catch the 7am train for the last couple of days to get to work in time to set up clinicians teaching at 9. Couple that with late finishes & I’m feeling a bit ropey. Mind you, there’s a lot of illness about (universities are breeding grounds accelerating bacterial & viral evolution IMO) so I might have picked something up.
The students in the Swansea Graduate Entry Medicine course get terribly behind if they’re off sick. Frankly, I can’t afford the time either.


Jack in a Cantonese restaurant with his grandad and koi carp. No, they
weren’t serving the carp.


A conversation with Jack on his birthday:
Jack – Drive?
Me – No, you can’t drive now. We’re doing 80mph & you can’t reach the pedals.
Kim – Have you got a driving license?
Jack – Yes
Kim – Oh really? Where did you get from?
Jack – Asda.
The power of advertising.