Comment Spam

Oh for fuck’s sake! I was just about to sit down to write a little note about how I’m off work now for a couple of weeks over Christmas and I see 23 spam comments in my blog for generic versions of viagra. Fuck off!
If you don’t know, the same evil, scum of the earth thieves that fill your inboxes with spam also buy web bots that search the web for blogs. They then automatically add comments to various blog entries with links to their websites in. Why? One of Google’s known methods of ranking web searches is by the number of other websites that link to a page, and probably how well those linking pages are also ranked. So comment spam drives up a search result in Google for free. It’s taking advantage of the system, a system that we all use because it works so well, returning useful results quickly and making our lives on the internet easier. Those that aim to inappropriately drive up their search results threaten these systems. Wankers. I hate them. I hate them all.
Fight back!