Leaving Ghent

A final afternoon in Ghent.
On the train to Brussels airport.
Our BMI plane.
Now THIS is a bag. It’s a padded laptop bag by Crumpler, from some looney Ozies. This particular bag is the Very Busy Man. I carried everything I needed for 4 days in Ghent in this bag, some of it delicate and in complete security. A superb bag. A geek’s bag.
Kim and Jack on the plane.
Waiting to get driven back to the car park at Heathrow.

ICRS day 3

Oh man, you’ll never believe this. The work I had submitted to the ICRS meeting was shortlisted for the Award for Excellence in Cartilage Research (or some such title). I was sitting through the awards ceremony, waiting to finish and go back to the hotel, and up came a slide with the 5 contenders for the title. My abstract title and name was top of the list! This was read out, followed by the other 4 pieces of work, and I got a bigger buzz from that than from actually giving the talk! I didn’t win, but was very, very chuffed to have had my work ratified and selected as one of the best pieces at this large international cartilage repair meeting. Top!
I get a certificate sent to me, so that’ll get framed and stuck up in my office. Good motivation!
This meeting wasn’t as good as the last one in Toronto 2 years ago, but I have taken a lot away from it, and have formulated some new ideas. Although a bit overly clinical, and very heavy on the ACI/MACI (autologous chondrocyte implantation), the meeting was incredibly useful. I think I’ve just added to the huge pile of work on my desk 🙂