Jack loves the beach

The weather is “improving” down here in Spain. It certainly isn’t bad for March.
Jack loves the beach and the sea, and is running around everywhere, exploring everything and entertaining everyone. He was fantastic whilst travelling – interested during take off and landing (he shared a window seat with his mum) and sleeping the rest of the time on the plane. As long as he has a view, he’s happy, taking it all in.
I’ve just finished reading “Pattern Recognition” (can’t be arsed to find an Amazon link) by William Gibson on my Palm PDA. It was excellent, and only took me a few days by virtue of being on holiday. It’s my first Gibson novel, and I think I’ll be working my way through his back catalogue. It has made me want to buy a Cube from Ebay…
I have not checked and will not check my email, in case you were expecting a reply. Blogging is fun, wading through email is not, so it will wait until I get home. Likewise I haven’t done any work while I’ve been here. Unusual for me.
Back to the San Miguel!


Out for a stroll with the boy.
This has been a bit of a monster post today because I’m off to Spain tomorrow for a week. Nerja, near Malaga. I probably won’t blog while I’m lazing in the sun. See you when I get back!

Girls, girls, girls

Thanks for coming out to see me last night, girls! (Don’t worry, that’s Kim to my left. But I can’t remember whose thumb that is.)


This was from the 25th, when Kim and I went out for a meal at a tapas restaurant. It was the first time we’d been out without Jack for a very long time.