Jif Website Update

The Jif website has now transferred to the new hosts, and you should all be seeing the new server’s version via your updated DNS servers. We’ve lost a couple of comments, which I should be able to restore, and there’s a wierd bug with the link graphics. I don’t yet understand why this is server specific, but I’ll chase it down.

Match fishing

I fished a friendly match today with Tony and his work mates on a couple of small lakes up in Tewkesbury. I blanked for the first four hours, trying everything I could, but started to catch in the last hour as the fish started to feed again and I found a hole on the waggler. A carp and a few bream gave me 4lb 9oz and 3rd place, apparently.

Asda Hell

I can’t believe she dragged me round Asda for over an hour AGAIN. This is 4 weekends out of the last 5 , for God’s sake. It always seems to happen under some other pretence, like, “Let’s drive all the way to Swindon to go to this really interesting retail park”. OK, sounds good. She didn’t tell me that included Europe’s biggest Asda.
I did get to muck about with Jack though. He was laughing his socks off throwing things on to the floor for me to pick up. Simple things.

Server updates

For those of you that use this page for this sort of thing, www.cardiffjif.com is mid-migration to a new server. The PHP scripts run far faster on the new server, but I’m still squashing some bugs, so there will be some glitches over the next week.

Go Johnny!

This was something Jack picked up from watching me watching the Rugby World Cup. He’s an England supporter 🙂
Did I mention that we won?

Jacks PC?

Oi! Gerroutofit!
Jack’s well again, BTW. And he’s now 10 months old. And he’s got yet another tooth coming through! Another sleepless night tonight?

Hosting Hassle

I’ve been hunting around for a new host for some or all of my websites. Since starting to work with PHP scripts for the news management on the Cardiff Tri and Cardiff Jif websites, the current host’s performance has been very poor. I also want to add user maintainable galleries and polling systems, but their software will not allow it, and they charge a fortune (if you’re a club website) for mySQL databases. And don’t forget those two websites were both knocked out, mid-week, for a few days a little while ago, and they lost some of my data. So it’s time to move somewhere cheaper, more reliable and with more to offer.
The current option is HostOne. They offer a hell of a lot of services for a very reasonable cost, so I asked for a trial before purchasing. So far, their control panel interface, FTP and support services have been excellent. But I can’t access my pages within a web browser to test my PHP on their servers. I have received 8 emails from them so far today as they rapidly respond to each of my queries. Very good. Hopefully we can solve the problem before they go home, so I can set up a gallery tonight and have a good playtest. The problem is caused by the fact that I haven’t transferred a domain to the test server (impossible to do in a 48 hour test), so we’re messing about with fixed IP addresses and it’s all a little messy.
Fingers crossed.


Poor little Jack kept us up late last night. He’s got a tummy bug and was upchucking his bottle feeds. Oh dear. Hopefully it’s just a 24 hour thing he’s picked up off his mate Antoinne.
I was hoping to catch up on my sleep last night. Oh well. He seems much happier today – I videoed him laughing and playing with his ball this morning, but on playback it looks like I pressed the wrong button. Well, I told you I was knackered!