ATI Radeon 9800 or 9800 Pro graphics card? There’s about £80 difference in price, but big a difference in speed is there? By getting the pro I’m future proofing myself for playing Doom 3 and HalfLife 2 at high-res, but is it worth the extra £80? Especially as I don’t have a lot of money right now….. I’m supposed to be upgrading my big PC’s components for web design now I’ve lost my study, but if I’m going to get a DVI video card I might as well get one that’s top for gaming 😉
Both 9800 and 9800 Pro have 8x AGP, which will be a speed improvement when I upgrade my motherboard. Both have similar specs except for clockspeeds. It’ll get overclocked anyway, which means I can clock a non-pro to pro speeds and save money, or overclock the pro and get even higher performance.
Hmm. I think it’s going to be the non-pro version. Save money and overclock. Then I can buy this pretty CoolerMaster case that Kim likes so much. That’ll keep the bugger cool!

I don’t wanna

I’m updating the cardifftri.net website with photos and bits. I next need to add a bunch of stuff to the cardiffjif.com site that has been collecting. I want to be relaxing with a beer watching my new Two Towers DVD. I don’t want to be doing this!

Ele visiting

My sister, Ele, has been staying with us for the long bank holiday weekend, so we took Jack to the pub for lunch.