Big Error

I can’t believe I haven’t got a camera phone.
The software running the massive advertising screen in Queen St, in the centre of Cardiff, has crashed, leaving a 6 foot Windows 98 error message.
I can’t believe I missed out on that photo 🙁 I’d better get on eBay.


Oh dear. I’m blogging from Starbucks from my Palm Tungsten. How cliche. It’ll be fun with a camera phone though…..


One of these should be turning up at work this week, fingers crossed:
I’m very interested to see how it changes how I work. I sold my last laptop because I wasn’t using it any more (and it was v slow). Nowadays I need to carry around several GB of data and half a dozen websites, and it would be useful to have a computer on the move.
And its a Mac…….


I pretty much finished Bob’s website yesterday afternoon. There are 3 or 4 things I need to add, But generally, it’s done. The intro doesn’t look too bad, and I fixed a couple of visual niggles in the page design. I’ll upload and link to it this week I hope.


Would you get a massage from a man like this?
Don’t worry, Bob, I got plenty of good ones 😉