Embryology podcast

The DGR module contained 11 embryology lectures, which I have supplemented with audio material: podcasts. iTunes is a free download from Apple, and is useful for this type of material as Apple’s AAC format allows me to include images that I can change during the podcast. As the podcasts are also encoded as MP3s pretty much anything will play them. Podcasts will give you flexibility in learning, and allow you to listen to whatever you need whenever and wherever you can.

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Neuroscience podcast

Phil Newton and I have a podcast series in which Phil teaches me (a poor, simple anatomist) about the wonders of neuroscience. This podcast is linked to the Swansea University School of Medicine Neuroscience lecture series, but should be useful to medical students and others with an interest in neuroscience anywhere.

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Anatomy Video podcast

We are also recording anatomy podcasts. Some are in video, and some audio only. For the video you’ll probably need to download Apple’s Quicktime video player if they don’t work for you immediately.

Anatomy 1 - The posterior triangle of the neck
Anatomy 2 - The anterior triangle of the neck
Anatomy 3 - Cervical plexus
Anatomy 4 - Brachial plexus

Clinical Skills Video Podcast

Although these videos were not recorded by me, a collection of clinical skills training videos are also available on iTunes from the link below.

Clinical Skills Podcast feed.

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