Time to travel?

Summer is approaching fast and we haven’t planned a holiday. What shall we do?
Also Annabel is off to Scout camp so we get to go rock climbing all weekend!

Found a Problem

Bouldering problems & sustainable transport problems. We’ve got a couple of good problems to work on, and it’s the Swansea Air Show!

Buying Zoe

The van is still in the garage and we need to get around. Fancy a look at an electric car?

8 hours of geocaches

Kim wants to go geocaching. She loves geocaching, and when she starts walking its difficult to get her to stop. My legs will suffer.

Voodoo visits

We have a visitor this week, and he wants to surf and see the Gower. We can help with that.
I’ve known him for 5 years or so, but I’ve no idea what he looks like.

Kim can lead

So we saw how Kim’s climbing technique is great, but her strength and finger stamina are holding her back on steeper routes. But what about her climbing head? Let’s see if she wants to lead some vertical stuff and how she gets on with that mentally.
This is something we all go through as climbers when we’re not leading routes regularly, and the mental part of rock climbing is often the biggest challenge, and the most rewarding part when we get it right.

Kim vs vertical

Kim spent the winter getting strong for climbing and rediscovering her technical skills by bouldering and braving the cold Gower coastline when it stopped raining.
She has been struggling with the steeper climbs so far this year. But how does she do on slabs and less steep climbs?